The 2014 Board members from left to right: Dr. Paul LeBrun, Dr. Matthias Schmidt, Mrs. Nancy Hoddinott, Dr. David Fraser, Mrs. Sharon O’Driscoll, Mr. Don Wolsley, Dr. David Barnes.

The Radiology Research foundation is governed by a volunteer board comprised of the past Heads of the Department of Radiology, Dalhousie University (Drs. Charles Lo and Paul Lebrun), the research director of the department (Dr. Matthias Schmidt), the department chief of the IWK department (Dr. Khan), two community members (Mr. Don Wolsey and Mr. Doug Clarke) and the chair of the Foundation Board, the Head of the Dalhousie Department of Radiology (Dr. David Barnes). The Board receives administrative support from Mrs. Nancy Hoddinott and Mrs. Sherry Wilson.

The Board holds its annual meeting in or about November of each year.