Funded Projects

Spring 2020 Summer Studentship competition

Translating biomarkers for traumatic stress disorders in Canada’s Military
Pak V (student), Quraan M (supervisor)
Matching funding: $5,000 IWK Summer Studentship

Development and validation of a deep machine learning tool for automated hematoma volume segmentation using 3D convolutional neural networks
Wong A (student), Volders D (supervisor)
$3,000.00 (U.S.$)
Matching funding: $3,000.00 (U.S.$)  RSNA Medical Student Research Grant

Radiology Research Foundation Grant Awards 2010 – 2019
Fall 2019 Intramural Grant competition

Deep Learning Algorithm to Differentiate and Subtype Benign and Malignant Renal Tumours
Costa A, Guida A, Abdolell M

Spring 2019 Summer Studentship competition

Development and validation of a deep machine learning tool for automated hematoma volume segmentation using 3D convolutional neural networks
Nurmsoo S (student), Huynh T (supervisor), Beyea S, Guida A
$3,000.00 (U.S.$$)
Matching funding: $3,000.00 (U.S.$$)  RSNA Research Medical Student Grant

Evaluation of magnetotactic bacteria as a novel MRI contrast agent for immune cell tracking
Sobey-Skelton C (student), Brewer K (supervisor)
Matching funding: $4,500.00  NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award

Development of a deep learning algorithm to differentiate benign from malignant renal masses
Wang Z (student), Costa A (supervisor)
Matching funding: $4,500.00 NS Cooperative Education Incentive Program

Curation of a prostate MRI database for computer aided detection of prostate cancer using
deep learning

Cullen L (student), Clarke S (supervisor)
Matching funding: $3,095.00 Canada Summer Jobs

Winter 2019 Leverage Grant competition

Diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma using free-breathing dynamic contrast-enhanced
MRI and recurrent convolutional neural networks: a pilot study
Clarke S, Rioux J, Guida A
Matching funding: $24,706.00 NSHA Research Fund 

Long-term neurocognitive outcome of children who received MRI imaging under general
anesthesia: a pilot study

Mata-Mbemba D, Dumbarton T, Beattie T, Alwazeer A, Abdolell M, Wood E
Matching funding:
IWK Diagnostic Imaging Dept. Research Fund
$10,000.00  IWK Anesthesia Dept. Research Project Fund

Spring 2018 (Summer Studentship competition)
Fall 2018 (Intramural Grant competition)

3T multi-parametric liver health MRI in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Costa A, Clarke S (CoPIs); Peltekian K, McLeod M, Abdolell M, Rioux J, Bowen C,
Stueck A (coinvestigators)

Development and validation of a deep machine learning tool for automated
hematoma volume segmentation using 3D convolutional neural networks

Huynh T (PI)

Magnetoencephalography biomarkers of epilepsy and their relationship to
seizure onset zone

Quraan M, Ikeda K (CoPIs); Abdolell M, Beyea S

Assessment of hepatic metabolism in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease with
Phosphorus-31 spectroscopy

Clarke S (PI); Bowen C, McAllindon D

Fall 2018 (Summer Studentships)

Using MRI to track antigen transport in immunotherapy
Sobey-Skelton C (student), Brewer K (supervisor)
Matching funding:
$4,500.00 – NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award

Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Monitor Immune Cell Recruitment in Response
to IDO Inhibitor Treatment in the 4T1 Tumour Model
Kelly B (student), Brewer K (supervisor)
Matching funding:
$5,000.00 – IWK Summer Studentship grant award

Winter 2018 (Leverage Grant competition)

There were no applications received for this funding round.

Fall 2017 (Intramural Grant competition)

Assessing the quality of pre-surgical mapping scan in magnetoencephalography (MEG)
Bardouille T, Beyea S, Quraan M

Examining the rates of marijuana (cannibis) use and potential impact of cannibis smoking
on pulmonary disease in patients requesting computed tomography
Crocker C, Manos D, Borgaonkar J

2017 Summer Studentships:

Quantification of hepatic, splenic, and pancreatic fat fraction and R2* by 3T MR
– a cross-sectional study
Clarke S, Gerson R
Matching funding:
$4,000.00 ($3,000 US$$)
– RSNA R&E Foundation Medical Student Grant

Examining intra-subject correlations of image quality metrics as a function of prospective data compression
Beyea S, Mason A, Hall K
Matching funding:
$4,500.00 – NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award

Optimization of PET/MRI Artifact Correction   
Brewer K, Lazarev J
Matching Funding:
$4,500.00 – NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award

Using molecular imaging to evaluate a vaccine immunotherapy in an ovarian cancer
Brewer K, Gonzalez V
Matching Funding:
$2,500.00 – IWK Summer Studentship research program grant

2017 Leverage Grants:

Evaluation of emerging methods for quantitative MR imaging of chronic pancreatitis
Rioux J, Clarke S, Costa A, Williams G
Matching application:
$25,000.00 – NSHA Research Fund
Intramural Grants:

Identification of prostate cancer for MR images using machine learning 
Clarke S, Patterson S

Implementation of “rapid” endovascular thrombectomy (EVT) for treatment of acute
ischemic stroke (AIS) – prospective evaluation
Shankar J, Sorhaindo V, Urquhart R, Phillips S, Gubitz G, Green L, Campbell S, Simpkin W
Matching funding:
$60,000.00NSHA TRIC grant


Matlab source code software tool to convert GE PET sinogram raw data format into Interfile
Mawko G, Sattarivand M, Shouldice E

Development of machine learning algorithms to analyze multi contrast MRI: applications
to prostate cancer, cholesteatoma and chronic liver disease
Clarke S, Lakner P

Detection of cartilage delamination using quantitative T1rho MRI
King JP, Mitchell M, Boyd G, Wong I, Abdolell M
Matching funding:
$4,725.00Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation

Tranverse venous sinus stenosis on Magnetic Resonance Imaging in patients with
idiopathic intracranial hypertension – a pilot study

Shankar J, Chan W, Green L, Maxner C, Mishra A, Purdy A
Matching funding:
$15,000.00 Nova Scotia Health Authority Research Fund
$14,895.00 Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation

Development of a radiation dosimetry framework for a radioembolic therapy for liver cancer

Mawko G, Syme A
Matching funding:
$10,000.00Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute


Creating a new algorithm for data-driven processing of resting-state fMRI networks
Beyea S, Bardouille T, Bowen C, Hashmi J, Omisade A

Noninvasive differentiation of non-alcoholic fatty liver from non-alcoholic steatohepatitis  with Gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI: a prospective pilot study
Costa A, Clarke S, Peltekian K, Abdolell M, Bowen C

A feasibility study distinguishing benign from malignant polyps using high resolution
diffusion weighted 3T MRI

Duffy S, Clarke S, Crocker C, Arnason T, Hoogerboord M

Validation of a quantitative 3T MRI method for diagnosis of neurological disease
Rioux  J

Computed tomography perfusion in determination of brainstem death in patients
with severe head injury at the time of their first diagnostic imaging – a pilot study
Shankar J, Darvesh S, Green R, Slipp P, Erdogan M
Other funding:
$15,000.00 Nova Scotia Health Authority Research Foundation
$4,327.00 Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation

Referral patterns and route-to-diagnosis of lung cancer in Nova Scotia

Suhail A, Manos D, Bas B, Crocker C

Organ dose measurements and determination of effective dose for clinical CT
protocols using an anthropomorphic phantom

Tonkopi E, Manos D, Duffy S


Toward Personalized Breast Cancer Risk Assessment: Breast Density, Pathology and Clinical Risk Factors
Abdolell M, Iles S, Caines J, Lightfoot C, Rivers-Bowerman M, Barnes P, Payne J, Tsuruda K

Improving Patient Compliance to Non-invasive Language Mapping using Engaging Videos
Beyea S, Bardouille T, McNeely D, Stevens T, Murthy M

Accuracy of Bone Scan vs. PET Scan for Detection of Osseous Metastases: Clinical Experience at QEII
Burrell S, Walker D

Diffusion and Perfusion Weighted Imaging in Characterization of Brain Tumors
Shankar J, Hodgson L

Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Investigation of Epilepsy: A Survey of Current Practice at
Referral Centres Across Canada
Schmidt M, Khan U

CT Perfusion Imaging to Predict Vasospasm in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Pilot Study
Shankar J, Pickett G


CT Perfusion in Prognostication of Patients in Coma Following Cardiac Arrest: A Pilot Study
Shankar J, Bata I

Assessment of Patient Radiation Dose from CT Examinations in Nova Scotia
Tonkopi E, Abdolell M

Are CT Requisitions Dangerously Misleading?
Manos D, Walker M

Does Diffusion Restriction Precede the Development of Enhancing Tumour in a Subset of Patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme?
Shankar J, Bata A

Early Detection of Lung Cancer – A Pan-Canadian Study    

Manos D, Johnston M, Xu Z


CT Perfusion in the Characterization and prognostication of Cerebral Glioma
Shankar J

Pilot Study: Assessment of Dual Energy KUB Radiographic Examination for the Detection of Renal Calculus
Yen P, Bailly G, Abdolell M, Pringle C


Implementation of a Patient Questionnaire to Optimize Recommendations for the Followup of CT Detected Pulmonary Nodules using the Fleischner Society’s Guidelines

Borgaonkar J, Manos D, Miller R

Quantitative Parameters for a Model of Whole Body Metabolic Tumour Burden in Patients with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma using PET/CT: Phase 2

Burrell S, MacDonald D, Abdolell M

Assessment of Halifax Produced FDG in the Evaluation of Focal Lung Pathology and Impact on Patient Management
Ross A, Mulroy L, Rajaraman M, Abdolell M

Fast, Artifact-free Whole-brain fMRI Using Balanced Steady State Free Precession Acquisitions
Bowen C, Patterson S


PET-CT Scan Use in Head and Neck cancer: The Halifax Experience
Ross A, Rajaraman S, Taylor M, Rajaraman M, Abdolell M

Development and Evaluation of an Online Modular Radiopharmacy Curriculum and Training Program
Clarke J, Abdolell M